D. Seaton and Associates, P.A. (“DSA”) is a nationally ranked bond, disclosure and underwriters’ counsel firm focused on serving governmental entities and financial institutions with exceptional legal service in the practice area of public finance.

DSA is a dedicated public finance law firm with lawyers who have built successful careers based on a commitment to the practice of public finance law. DSA has been continuously listed in The Bond Buyer’s “Red Book” since 2004. DSA has served as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, issuer’s counsel, underwriter’s counsel and bank’s counsel for transactions aggregating in excess of $65 billion in principal amount. The firm’s rich public finance experience has developed in its practitioners a significant depth of knowledge and perspective, which enables DSA to deliver exceptional, high-quality service to firm clients in an effective and efficient manner. As such, the firm is well suited to help even the most sophisticated client identify, solve and avoid issues arising not only in the context of a transaction, but also in the areas of continuing disclosure, public law and policy.

DSA attorneys have significant experience, knowledge and expertise in representing a diverse array of issuers. DSA attorneys have been responsible for and/or assisted in drafting and reviewing all necessary documents, including, but not limited to, bond referendum questions, resolutions and ordinances, trust indentures, board letters, arbitrage and tax compliance certificates, closing documents, loan agreements, bond purchase agreements, escrow deposit agreements, paying agent and registrar agreements, credit agreements, standby bond purchase agreements, official statements, continuing disclosure agreements/certificates and material event notices.

DSA has performed the requisite due diligence reviews relating to local, state and federal tax and securities laws, as may be required, in connection with the performance of bond counsel and disclosure counsel services. DSA has assisted several issuers with variable rate restructurings and auction rate conversions. Overall, DSA attorneys are well versed in the practical application of the local, state and federal law impacting issuers. We thrive on being methodical, detail oriented, problem-avoiders, problem-spotters and most importantly, problem-solvers.

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